Golf rules & etiquette.


Everywhere where people meet, there need to be behaviour rules. Golf is no exception. Where balls fly through the air at high speeds, there is no way around rules for safety. Etiquette regulates behaviour on the golf course and must be observed at all times, among other things to avoid injuring fellow players.

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  • Show up at the tee on time, greet your teammates and have a good time.
  • Stand facing the person playing on the tee.
  • Do not play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Do not damage the tee by practice swings and avoid putting your golf bag on the tee!
  • Divots on the fairways (as well as all over the course) should be put back and firmly stepped on.
  • Always remember to let a following, faster flight plays through. In the general interest, always play without delay.
  • The quality of the greens depends not only on how well they are maintained by the greenkeeper team, but also on the correct behaviour of the players. Each player should take care to lift their feet when walking on the green so as not to leave spike grooves.
  • If your ball flies towards players or spectators, shout "FORE" loudly!
  • Everyone should help keep fairways clean.
  • If the ball is in the sand bunker, you should always enter and leave the bunker from the nearest or lowest side. In addition, it is important to smooth out the bunker when leaving it.

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